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Plama Buiders Bangalore Plama Buiders Bangalore Plama Buiders Bangalore
Plama Buiders Bangalore PLAMA vision
To be the fastest growing property developers in the south India region.
Plama Buiders Mangalore
Plama Buiders Mangalore
Plama Buiders Mangalore
Plama Buiders Bangalore PLAMA MISSION
To be the partner of choice, provide value-added commercial and residential space and real estate solutions, surpassing customer expectations.
Plama Buiders Bangalore Plama Buiders Mangalore Plama Buiders Mangalore
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Plama Builders Mangalore Bangalore About Bangalore

Myth has it that Bangalore got its name from a humble meal of boiled beans, which a lost and famished king of the Vijaynagar empire, received at the hands of a kind woman. The king called the place Bendakaalu ooru. In Kannada (local language) "Benda kaalu" means boiled beans, "Ooru" means village. Bendakaalooru eventually became Bengalooru, and in English, Bangalore.

Today, Bangalore is the country's boom city with eight huge industrial belts housing well over 10,000 industries. Bangalore's friendly inhabitants are a cosmopolitan mix. Kannada is the official language, yet you can comfortably get by speaking English, Hindi or any of the South Indian languages.

 Bangalore has a moderate climate throughout the year due to its elevation (1000m). It boasts of delightful weather all year round, registering a mean temperature of 27.1 C (80.8 F) in the warmest month of April and 20.48 C (68.8F) in the coldest month of January. Evenings are cool the year-round. Bangalore receives both the south-west and the north-east monsoons, getting an average rainfall of 87 cms. It is also blessed with a large number of lakes and parks within the city. The nature loving citizens have planted many trees along the roads which has enabled the city to maintain its green looks despite its rapid expansion. Bangalore is therefore aptly called the "Garden City."

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Plama Builders Mangalore Bangalore About Mangalore

Lying in the Western coast and touching the Arabian Sea, Mangalore has been historically a ship building centre. Being a strategic port it was always under conflict in the past, thus having been under several varied dynasties Mangalore today is a blend of the new and old. Tulunadu is one of the most enchanting place to travel. Though known for its religious places of worship, the place is blessed with green fields, water falls, beautiful beaches and with rich variety of flora and fauna.

Mangalore was named after the goddess Mangaladevi. The story behind goes along way in enriching the cultural heritage of Mangalore. Mangalore is the administrative headquarters of Dakshina Kannada district, southwestern Karnataka (formerly Mysore) state, southern India, a port on the Arabian Sea. It is also one the major ports of India.

Lying on the backwaters formed by the Netravati and Gurpur rivers, it has long been a roadstead along the Malabar Coast. Engaged in Persian Gulf trade in the 14th century, Mangalore was occupied by the Portuguese in the mid-16th century. In the 18th century its control was contested by Haidar Ali  and Tipu Sultan on one hand and  the British on the other. Under the Mysore sultans (1763) it became a strategic ship building base, which was ceded to the British in 1799 after numerous sieges. 

Mangalore is growing fast in infrastructure with environment friendly structures. And we take special care to make Mangalore a better place to live with our small contribution through Plama homes-a place to live forever.

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